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Our Saffron is both rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Antioxidants help protect the body from harmful substances. Flavonoids are chemicals found in plants that help the plant protect itself from fungus and diseases.

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Saffron Benefits

1. Saffron Boosts Energy.

One of the well-known saffron health benefits in Ayurveda is improved energy levels. Saffron is considered a wonderfully stimulating spice. It contains plenty of iron, which increases the levels of red blood cells in the body, thus boosting blood circulation. This works to ensure that higher amounts of oxygen reach your cells. As a result, you enjoy higher energy levels. Saffron is also excellent at boosting sexual stamina.

2. Saffron Fights Cancer.

Next on the benefits of saffron is cancer prevention. This is possible because saffron contains crocin, which can kill cancer cells according to studies. Saffron can stop the growth of malignant cells. Therefore, this spice is great for fighting cancer. Here is a helpful list of other anti-cancer foods worth including in your everyday diet.

3. Saffron Busts Stress.

Another noteworthy benefit of saffron is reduced anxiety levels. This powerful spice has been used in Ayurveda to treat depression and anxiety for a long time. It brings about better emotional states by increasing the production of happiness-causing hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Saffron essential oil is an excellent aromatherapy ingredient for busting stress.

4. Saffron Strengthens Immunity.

Do you have weak immunity? Chances are that adding saffron to your diet can help bring your immune system back to a healthy state. Saffron provides the body with antioxidants like vitamin C, that boosts the levels of white blood cells. It also supports the process of repair in the body. Thanks to its carotenoid content, saffron fights oxidative stress, further boosting immunity. Here are some more Ayurvedic tips for boosting immunity.


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